Starting now, I vow to dream big and pursue those dreams and to not quit until I’ve achieved them ever. I will rise to the occasion when presented with challenges and thrive under stress instead of whither. I promise to go after what I want in life in every aspect of it with undoubted security and confidence in myself and the powers I posses as a determined, strong, beautiful, film-loving woman.

Right here and now I promise to honor those who have inspired my life by losing theirs and not waste the time I’ve been blessed with. I owe it to myself. But more importantly I owe it to those who will never see their kids grow up, who will never have kids, who will never see their great grandkids again, and one who will never take her first breath. This is for Tia Margie & Tio Henry, Grandpa Ralph “Lito” Perez, Grandma Matilde “Mati” Figueroa, Victoria Bernal, Quinten X Crandall, Martin Saavedra, Olyvia, Becky Chavez, Joshua Kimbrell, and anyone else taken home before we were all ready.

I vow to persue my dreams while I can still dream them and to tie every loose end into a beautiful bow.



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