Bucket List

Keep in mind this is a running list from the age 17 and on, and I am always looking to add more to it…

go to Spain
win the lottery
get my lip tattooed (inside of the mouth, something totally ridiculous)
take pictures in a photo booth with as many friends as possible
be published (photography)
show my photos in a gallery
sing karaoke alone
scuba dive
bungee jump
take the nascar driving school in las vegas
own a jetski
help a homeless/displaced person clean up and get a stable job
do grad school
dye my hair pink
own my own independent coffeehouse
open up a local artist art gallery
wear couture
sing for a rock band
act in a play or film
skinny dip
run a marathon
mardi gras, new orleans
carnival, rio de janeiro
tour europe only staying in hostels
cross country roadtrip
discover my family history
take my nieces and nephew to legoland
own a house in the forest
get married, own a house, & have a family- the “american dream”
be my own boss
start a revolution
save a life
invent something
make enough money to take care of my family (parents, grandparents, sister/brother)
own a hacienda
get a tattoo
restore my 54 gmc pickup
hot august nights
go to canada, eat poutine
learn guitar
learn drums
learn french
dedicate the time to volunteer for worthy causes
own a hot pink vehicle
camp under the stars (no tent)
build my own darkroom
meet the pope
meet the Dahli lama
flip off the president in person (this was when Bush was still in office), i’d settle for flipping off any of the Bushs’  now lol
ride a motorcycle
learn to properly use a gun


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