Hi, I’m Valerie.

oh hi!

I enjoy long walks through cemeteries,
road trips with frequent stops for photos,
& day trips into nature.

I like my music loud,
& the windows down.
I like discussing politics,
learning just about anything
& love vintage cars.

My 5 major food groups are champagne,
sushi, burritos, cheesy pasta, & mushrooms.

I believe in the power & beauty of film
which is why I choose to work almost exclusively with it,
& have been for 10 years now.
In 20-something-time that’s almost a third of my life.

There’s a good chance my opinions will offend someone
& it’s never going to stop me from sharing them.

I try at all times to live in the moment
because life is way too short,
and you should too.

♥ val

I started this blog as “photo talk with valerie” in 09 as a way to hone in on my artistic vision and share what inspires me and since then it has turned into so much more. This blog and faithful readers have inspired me to cross huge items off the bucket list I’ve been keeping since I was a teen, and even threw me a few fantastic curve balls like being quoted in the WSJ and participating in a calendar for my beloved hometown Sacramento. Thank you to anyone who has ever read, commented, shared or subscribed to this blog and I hope to keep on pursuing my artistic vision and sharing it with you all.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. “Roadtrips, politics, and classic cars”….we have a lot in common!

    Different generations, different parts of the state, and different ethnic backgrounds…funny how that works!

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